About Lockets and Crafts

lockets and crafts

A few years ago, I dreamed of having a home based business by becoming a virtual assistant (VA). A freelance job ideal for a work at home mom assisting foreign clients with their online business. One of the VA courses I took requires me to actually sell something on Ebay.

I then attended hands on and online workshops to be able to make polymer clay art work. A few months later, searching and exploring new crafts, I then tried Silk Ribbon Embroidery (SRE). Enjoying crafting because of flexibility of time (I can actually squeeze in creating crafts in between household chores) I found myself immersed more on crafting and then postponing my VA career.

Last year my craft creations locally know as Dainty Dream Designs  have graced local bazaars/craft fairs. My products evolved from pendants and then more on customized lockets. Using the concepts of Birth Month Flowers, Family and the interest of the one who will wear it (usually given as gift items), I was able to create one of a kind locket for each of my client.

To make my lockets extra special, I can place the pictures inside the lockets and apply mod podge to have a laminate effect thus protecting the pictures inside. I would love to give my clients not just a piece of jewelry but a a heirloom piece that can stand the test of time.

Being a craft dabbler, I found joy in trying new crafts. Not limiting myself to polymer clay and SRE, I have more crafts ready to explore.  Cross Stitch, Applique patchwork, Digital Art, Stumpwork and Dimensional Embroidery to name a few. I will then not limit myself in creating only lockets but other craft items as well.

Extending globally and  hopefully reaching more clients I now have "Lockets and Crafts" through my Etsy shop and soon at Handmade at Amazon. Personalized and customizing craft piece that has a special meaning to those who will wear it. My way of sharing love for crafting and the happiness of making creations from the heart.